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I love it!

I have no clue if my Japanese typing is correct so I have no idea if it says the wrong words or not! but I love the series, I've even made drawings of the characters in a little sketchbook I made at Middle School! 5/5 10/10 as always!!! %u306E%u3067%u3001%u79C1%u306F%u8003%
u3048%u3066%u3044%u308B%u5834%u5408%u 3001%u79C1%u306E%u65E5%u672C%u8A9E%u5 165%u529B%u304C%u6B63%u3057%u3044%u58 34%u5408%u306F%u8A00%u3046%u79C1%u306 F%u898B%u5F53%u3082%u3064%u304B%u306A %u3044%u8AA4%u3063%u305F%u5358%u8A9E%
u304B%u3069%u3046%u304B%uFF01%u3057%u 304B%u3057%u3001%u79C1%u306F%u3001%u7 9C1%u3082%u3001%u6587%u5B57%u306E%u79 C1%u306F%u4E2D%u5B66%u6821%u3067%u884 C%u308F%u308C%u305F%u5C0F%u3055%u306A %u30B9%u30B1%u30C3%u30C1%u30D6%u30C3%
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Loved the series!

I have loved the series! If I could I would give millions and millions of stars to this, millions and millions of ratings, and millions of everything! (I actually almost cried, ALMOST!!!) 5/5 5/5 10/10 10/10!!!! <3<3<3!


lol, Gabriel Barsch, Epic saber fight, I have one question though, how can I make some of these (Maybe?) ? I really want to make one but, not madness because I'm not twisted enough to make one, twisted in a happy twisted way (always positive) anyway, I'm babbling, I just want to know how to make a Flash video, Please help me find the answer! :3

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I love this game :D

I've played it before, it's so much fun and is funny, I love kaolla's conversations :3 10/10 5/5

Just amazing.

The games controls move so fluidly and I, in general, love upgradable games, the fact that you have the ability to put parts wherever you want is amazing, and you don't really see that in many games! 10/10 5/5

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I love all of the metroid games and I've even beaten avery single one of them! 5/5 10/10!

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Youtube brought me to this song... Still amazing though! Love it! 10/10!!

More Tetris?

Ah, another Tetris song, I love all of the Tetris songs, how many could there actually be though...?


I. Love. Tetris. let alone T E T R I S ' D, is wonderful! the song is godly! (no offense to any religous people, don't take it badly) 10/10 5/5!

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Looks like an Ingling from Echoes, love it as always, 5/5 10/10

Just Googled it

lol, I just Googled Giygas, and this looks a bit more mutated and disfigured than the actual picture, love how you displaced the nostrils to give it a bit more of an organic or dead-ish look. 5/5 10/10

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Y'know, it kind of reminds me of Aether from Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, actually it looks almost EXACTLY like Aether! Cool... :3 5/5 10/10

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